On April 25th, the Deputy Director of the National Certification and Accreditation Administration Xu Zengde visited NOA to conduct research work. Li Huaning, deputy director of the Laboratory and Inspection and Supervision Department of the State Certification and Accreditation Administration, Liu Changzhou, deputy director of the Accreditation Supervision Department, Director Wang Xiaoxia of the Accreditation Supervision Department, and Director Liu Chunyang of the Shanghai Quality Supervision Bureau, also visited and investigated the work. NOA's President Song Tao and Vice President Kan Qiangsheng received the arrival of the research team.

▲ Photo of the research team and NOA's management

Deputy Director Xu Zengde listened to NOA Group President Song Tao, heads of various business departments the introduction on the group culture, business, development direction and other aspects .

▲NOA's President Song Tao introduces the group

In the communication session, the leaders expressed their affirmation and recognition of NOA. Xu Zunde, deputy director, said that the survey is eager to hear the voices of institutions in the front line of inspection, testing and certification, and to look at quality management from different perspectives. The state's high regard for quality management is one of the confidences in doing a good job in quality management. Seeing representatives of organizations like NOA has added another kind of confidence. Deputy Director Xu evaluates NOA as a third-party technical service organization with a unique culture, which is an ideal and responsible organization.

Deputy Director Xu specifically mentioned that the country is now positioning the inspection and testing certification as a high-tech industry to develop, and more and more institutions need to provide high-end technical services with lofty ideals and goals. High-end technical services not only have a lot of room for development, but also our mission.

Under the background of deepening the supply-side structural reform and the reform of the “distribution management” and the full implementation of the strategy of strengthening the country with quality, Deputy Director Xu has great expectations for the private sector. Deputy Director Xu put forward two requirements of the organization's future development:

First, pay attention to market demand and provide products that the market needs

The key to the development of inspection, testing, and certification organizations is what products are available. Enterprises must pay more attention to market demand, and at the same time guide market demand, provide products that are ahead of market demand, provide more value-added services for the entire industry, and drive the development of the entire industry. For example, how to promote high-end quality certification, how to provide relevant technical services in the booming market of e-commerce platforms, how to integrate into the overall situation of national development are issues that organizations need to think about.

Second, promote the quality management system certification upgrade version of the action

At present, there are about 1.7 million valid certificates for quality certification in China, involving nearly 600,000 companies. The State Council's "Opinions on Strengthening the Construction of Quality Certification System to Promote Total Quality Management" clearly stated that it is necessary to carry out the upgrade of the quality management system certification in conjunction with the upgrade of the new ISO9001. Private inspection, testing and certification institutions such as NOA should drive more small and medium-sized enterprises to carry out internationally accepted quality certification work on the basis of the existing ones, and actively promote the upgrade of the quality management system certification, and contribute NOA's strength to the quality power.