OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification    

People with the common sense of standard will not be unfamiliar to them when mentioned ISO9000 and ISO14000. The former is the quality management and quality assurance standard issued by the International Standardization Organization (ISO) and it was first issued in 1987. The latter was a series of standards for the environmental management system issued by the organization, which was first issued in 1996. In recent years, with the international attention to occupational health problems, some countries have proposed to the International Organization for Standardization (OAS) for the project plan of formulating the international standards for occupational health and safety management system and suggested that it should be numbered ISO18000, so China has the formulation of ISO18000.

The so-called occupational safety and health management system OHSMS is a set of systems constructed by a series of standards, which represents a thought of controlling occupational safety and health in enterprises and gives a complete set of methods for managing according to this thought. This system should be scientific, effective, acceptable, and compatible with the other activities of the enterprise and the management of the whole. At the same time, as a set of standards, it should be widely accepted, recognized and standardized. The occupational safety and health management system is a strategy and method to control the occupational safety and health work of the enterprise.

The standard of occupational safety and health management system has been unofficially known as the ISO 15000 or ISO 18000 series of standards during its historical development. These appellations express the connection with the ISO 9000 and the ISO 14000 series from the guiding ideology to the implementation method. It should be pointed out that although OHSMS has inherited and developed the ideas and methods of the above two series, but it is different from the former two in solving specific problems and from the technical level. The main standard of standard series of occupational safety and health management system includes four parts, that is:

● The principle is to illustrate the ideas and requirements of the system;

● Specification is an indication of the qualified standard for an organization;

● Guide line is the document of the methods and procedures to standardize the certification work;

● Auditors Requirement is a requirement for persons who are engaged in certification or security audits.

These standards and standardized documents for the implementation of these standards are called the occupational health and safety management system assessment series (OHSMS). OHSMS has formed a system for enterprises to carry out work and technical service in the safety of production and occupational safety and health.