Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes(PEFC)  is a non-profit non-governmental alliance organization, which aims to promote sustainable forest management through independent third party certification. PEFC was founded in Paris in June 30, 1999. It was composed of 11 official representative of the national PEFC management agency and gained support from the association of 15 million woodland owners in Europe and some international forest industry and trade organizations. Its work runs through the entire supply chain of forest products, aiming to promote good practices in forest management and ensure that timber and non wood products are obtained or produced under the premise of respecting the high standards of ecology, society and morality.

PEFC has two unique types of certification, including sustainable forest management and Chain of Custody Certification.

  PEFC sustainable forest management.

To adopt the method of sustainable management on forest and woodland and maintain forest biodiversity, productivity, regeneration ability, vitality and potential through a certain way and speed in local, national and international levels to meet the requirements of sustainable development and avoid harming other ecosystems. 

  PEFC Chain of Custody Certification

To prove that PEFC certified forest products (furniture manufacturers, publishers, pulp industry and all other wood products) are derived from sustainable forest, renewable raw materials and other controllable sources, and PEFC trademarks can be used.

So far, 19800 companies have been certified by PEFC-CoC, and they have provided tens of thousands of certified products around the world.